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A FAN’S VIEW | Flyers Game

Hey there! Well in keeping with the theme of my last few blog entries, here are some more hockey photos. This was from tonight’s Flyers vs. Kings at the Wachovia Center. The Flyers won 2-0. Enjoy! 🙂


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  • Wow, Ericha – these are some of the best I’ve seen from you I think. I could just be biased because the Kings were my favourite hockey team through my entire childhood though – Kelly Hrudey much?! 😀 The images are so crisp, and beautifully clear. Pretty much nil on the reflections too.
    Favourite shot is Johnson reaching for the puck infront of your net. Fantastic stuff!

  • these are awesome!!!!

    Will you be getting some of these signed by your boy??????

  • These are really great! Biron looks so focused in the last one! & the one with him sprawled & Johnson/Calder in front is perfect should be in next years reflections of a hockey season!!
    Were these from behind the glass? is so I’m really impressed with the lack of reflections! (or did you have one of the camera holes?)
    Also, is #41 of some special significance? he’s in nearly every one! Awesome work!

101 in 1001!

A while ago I was looking at Melissa Jill’s blog and she had posted a 101 in 1001 list where you come up with 101 goals you’d like to accomplish in 1001 days. It was really inspirational and so I thought I’d complete my own 101 in 1001 so here it is: Start Date: Tuesday,…


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  • Great List!!! I hope that you get that new d700 and full fill all of your photography and hockey dreams!!!!!

  • Come to Vancouver, dip your feet in the Pacific Ocean and catch a Canuck game later that night! Three birds with one stone! 😀

  • […] I had to experience it for myself. Plus it was the perfect trip to cross a few things off of my 101 in 1001 list that I tend to forget about. I won’t bore you with all sorts of details but I will say […]

A FAN’S VIEW | Hockey…

This past weekend I was in hockey overdrive. Hahaha! I’m a huge hockey fan and a season ticket holder of the Philadelphia Phantoms. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures when i go to the games so here are some of them. Over all I’m quite happy with them. In addition to the Phantoms playing…

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  • Ericha, these really are extraordinary. They’re all wonderful action shots, but even some of them still hold that artistic sort of… feel to them, and to get that out of sport is really something special I think. So glad you got these up!