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FELICIA | philadelphia portrait photographer

Yesterday I met my friend Felicia for a little photo shoot. She had told me about this field that she stumbled upon after making a wrong turn up in Quakertown. This field, located in the middle of an Industrial Park, had huge metal sculptures all around. Turns out, they are on display at Steve Tobin’s…


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  • LOVE these! Great location….and sheesh the use of sun flare is just awesome!

  • :D:D LOOOVE these sculptures! Wish we had something similar!

  • Sweeeeet! Agreed on the play with the flare & sun, great eye eh!
    Fantastic little preview preview 😛 206 is pretty neat!

  • These are stunning! Jaw-dropping!!! 😀 Wow! It is amazing. Such a lucky wrong turn. :))
    We have a stone sculpture camp on Magura [slightly close enough to Bucharest] and these sculptures are spread around the hills. You made me wanna do a shooting there now! 😀
    Can’t wait to see more!

  • wow…. those metal sculptures are so cool! Add love the added touch of your friend and that light!

  • How awesome is this location?! I love the third one down and the last two. Just awesome!

  • what a creative shoot! love it!

  • Melissa

    Pretty awesome place and pictures. I really like the one where you’re shooting into that patterned “tunnel.” That last pic is cool too. Looks like a good session, can’t wait to see more.

  • What a creative shoot. And I <3 the sunflare! 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day I Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit

From the minute I stepped off of the plane in Dublin, I knew it was love at first sight. What I didn’t know is how much I would come to miss such a beautiful country and how much I would want to go back. You probably are thinking, “Shut up, Ericha and go back to…


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  • Yeeessssss! Those two horses get my vote for cutest animal photo ever 🙂
    There IS a certain majesty about those grey skies over the rolling green hills hei? Love these photos, wish you’d posted them sooner! Suddenly I feel a little urge to see Ireland myself 😉

  • Ericha!!!! Now you make me crave for Ireland too! Not that I don’t usually, but after seeing this… makes me wanna plan my May trip to Ireland instead of Paris. Ohhhhh, boy, oh boy, oh boy! 😀
    Do you have mooore?? 😛

  • So lush, so green, so beautiful. Looks like an amazing trip!

  • These are fantastic. I love the buildings and the flowers and the road ways 🙂

  • There’s not one of these landscapes that aren’t big-print worthy. You made art that trip!

  • Gorgeous!
    I’m due for another trip there, so let me know. The photos I took back in 2002 with my 2.1MP camera are looking a little lame.

  • Wow, these are stunning! Gorgeous shots…make me want to visit there badly!

BABY KATHARINE | philadelphia newborn photographer

Last week ago I got to spend some time with the R Family and their two daughters, Reese and baby Katharine. Baby Katharine was born about 4 weeks ago now and she is just the most precious. I can’t get over how much hair she already has. Both girls were great and I had a…


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  • Aww, both girls are adorable, but yes! It is awesome that Katharine has so much hair! (I was born with a full head of hair…)

  • So sweet! They are two little princesses, so beautiful! Look at those little teeny tiny feet! 😀

  • Very genuine images, Ericha. I love that. The first is incredible, it speaks so much. Amazing.

  • Melissa

    Wow yeah, that first pic is great. I love the last one too…Did you bribe her with animal crackers? LOL.

  • What a beautiful baby…love the first one!

  • Total sweetness! This one cracks me up, #0729(5) it’s like “No pictures please!” Looks like a fun shoot, Ericha 🙂

  • those little features are so precious. You captured them perfectly. Big sister is adorable too! I love the picture of daddy holding his little ones.