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NIKI: FRIEND & PHOTOGRAPHER | Granville Island Portraits, Vancouver, BC, Canada

It’s hard to believe that 2010 is over. I have been blessed with so many wonderful opportunities this past year – from traveling here and there, to expanding my photography, and even making myself a stronger, happier person. I have also welcomed many talented, new people into my life. People I can call “friends”… that…


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  • Jaime

    So Much Fun!! Niki you look great!!

  • Rachel

    Awe! Niki, you look great! 🙂 Glad you gals had fun!

  • Dear Ericha, hope 2011 will treat you even better than 2010! 🙂 Loved this shooting, discovered through this another amazing photographer… Can’t wait to see Vancouver through your eyes!

  • I can’t wait to see more of you photos from Vancouver! 🙂 These portraits are awesome! Vancouver has such great locations for portraits…..

  • Love these pics. Saw some of the pictures you were posting on Twitter and they were absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Awe Ericha… love you!! Thanks for taking these, for coming out to visit and for being so darn cute! I AM coming for wooder ice, and philly cheesesteaks FOR SURE! Miss you already! xox

  • ha! these are such fun – they’re so niki! i’m so upset i missed out on this shoot! haha! and hei, lovin’ the small changes around here! the new header and background are terrific!

  • awwww!!! looks like you had sooo much fun! Great photos! 🙂

  • AMAZING portrait shoot. Love the location, colors, everything. And I ditto Sean: the blog is looking fan-flippin-tastic! Can’t wait to see what else you got in store! Happy New Year, Ericha!

Hong & Bao: Married! 11.20.10 | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I know I’ve said this before but it’s the honest truth… If you asked me 6 years ago when I graduated college if, today, I’d be photographing weddings; I would have said you were CRAZY! Who would have thought that I’d enjoy shooting weddings as much as I do!! Seriously, it brings an amazing, joyous…


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  • Erich, you did a fabulous job!!!!!! They are going to LOOOOOVVVVEEEE their pictures. Thanks once again for the opportunity to work with you and for such a wonderful experience with Hong and Bao.

  • Great pictures, Ericha! Loved the bridal party colors- beautiful!

  • What a stunning wedding. I love the diversity of East vs. West outfits, along with the location changes, and the beautiful presentation of gifts.
    Wonderful job, Ericha!
    Congratulations to the couple!

  • What a fun couple! great shots Ericha!!

  • settled in for this post with a full cup of chai. i love how in the getting ready images, you went wide and still had many focused more just on hong. then the bridals are so beautiful, especially in the middle of the street. love that part of your day with them especially! what a wonderful set, ericha! your weddings are rocking!

  • ERICHA! What an amazing job! I love how you were able to capture so many of the details! Congrats!

  • Wow! You rocked this, Ericha! Lots of emotion, lots of detail, and lots of fun. Those group shots are extraordinary. Thank you for the narration as well–learned a thing or two just reading through your post. Most of all, I can tell you love what you do when I look at these images!

  • Great photos! Different traditions are always so much fun to witness, you captured it really well. My favorites are the portraits in the city, though :).

  • I really think you chose wisely in going ahead with photography! You are so talented and I love your weddings! 🙂 Such great eye for details!

  • You did a really great job, I love these! Especially the portraits, so much fun! 🙂

A Fan’s View | NHL Hockey

If you know me, you know I’m a huge hockey fan. Well, I figured it was about time I posted some photos from this season. These aren’t my best ever, but they are the best so far. I actually haven’t photographed warm-ups too much this season. That might change, who knows. Anyway, enjoy some photos!…


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  • Jaime

    Love these photos!!! Teddy, Nate, Maxim and all the other are just great!!

  • 🙂 Sweeet hockey shots!! Will you be shooting at the game in Vancouver?

    Omigosh. I really need to reply to your message. I’m pretty much down for hanging out any day. 🙂 Tell me your plans!

  • I just ran across your site and wanted to let you know I love these hockey photos! And I’m not even a hockey fan. The colors are perfect. So are the facial expressions you caught on these guys. I also like your handwritten logo. It’s cool.

  • I was wondering when the hockey shots would appear. As always, you do a damn fine job! And I don’t even know a thing about hockey! LOL