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H FAMILY | philadelphia family photographer

Last weekend I got to spend some time with Zoey and her mom and dad. Zoey’s 18 months old and while she doesn’t come across as “shy” per se, she just wasn’t feeling having her picture taken. In fact, I think I managed to get her best smiles when she didn’t think I was looking….


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  • Hehe, love her style! 🙂 And her hair color, is amazing… such a great combination with those beautiful baby blue eyes! Love these, Ericha, looks like you had an amazing time shooting them!

  • Mary

    LOVE them! Thanks, Ericha!!

  • BethanyW

    Never a cuter redhead – and you got some great ‘sneaky’ shots too!
    The whole family looks like theyre having a blast… definitely the way to do photos 🙂

  • Kat

    I love the last two! What a beautiful family.

  • Deb

    Love the one of Z on the steps! Such a cutie 🙂

  • Jeanne

    My favorite is the one on the steps. She just has “that look” on her face, she could be about to smile or do something she KNOWS she isn’t supposed to do. She is beautiful!

  • Bill Henderson

    Love them Ericha! They look great! Thanks so much!

  • What a beautiful family!

  • Maura

    Oh these are fantastic, Z looks like a little autumn fairy! =)

  • Elisa

    I love love love the one of her running – her smile is simply precious! All in all, great photos!

  • Kristy

    Love the pics! So cute 🙂

MORGAN & MATT | philadelphia engagement photographer

If I had to sum up this engagement session into one word it would definitely have to be: FUN! Oh man, I had such a good time with these two. From the moment I met them and got to really talk about their engagement session and wedding, I knew we had hit it off. Morgan…


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  • that’s awesome! your photos are a blast, and i’m sure it reflects the couple! what great stuff, ericha!

  • Well that looks indeed like a lot of fun! I loved this e-session so much, they made me laugh. She is adorable, love her dress, such a beautiful and happy bride-to-be. And thumbs up for the balloons and shark-friends, these are priceless memories. Your photos are unbelievable. I just love the 6th one down. Wow, Ericha!!

  • Awesome, looks like so much fun!! 🙂 Love her outfit & the photos too of course! Great work Ericha!

  • Lucia

    Love the relaxed pictures, so much fun!! This looks like a
    Fun couple 😉 good luck and enjoy your wedding

  • Matt

    Wow,Ericha! These pictures came out great! It was a long day but a fun one, and the proof is in these pictures. You are truly a pro and a lot of fun! So lucky to have you as our photographer.

  • Claudia

    I love, love, love these! You two are so cute and creative. And colorful.

COLLEEN & MICHAEL: MARRIED 10.1.11 (Cape May, NJ) | South Jersey Wedding Photographer

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Remember Colleen & Michael? Well this past weekend was their beautiful Cape May beach wedding! I absolutely loved being a part of their special day and it was so cute to see Gavin walking his mom down the aisle. Colleen, Michael and Gavin – Congratulations!!…


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  • Lucia

    Love the pics.. So genuine and beautiful

  • Melissa

    Um yeah wow. Awesome. Love it. U rocked. Lol

  • ericha – best ever! your favourite shot in these is amazing, i love it too! all of these are gorgeous!

  • Ah, dolphins and sea and sand and love and a gorgeous pair! That’s an outstanding wedding, Ericha! Rock on!