Monthly Archives: February 2014

A Philadelphia Photo Walk

After many months of hearing my friends talk about shooting film, I finally jumped on board and dug out my mom’s Canon AE-1. On Martin Luther King Day, and between the many snow storms we’ve had this winter, I went on a little photo walk with Melissa and Nicole around Philadelphia. The first 5 images…


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  • So hipster. Just kidding. The film shots look amazing, I love the look. The last one is such a great shot of Philly.

  • Ah the magic of the film! Love these photos, and the walk and the city and the story, I bet you had amazing time with the girls! Someday, when we will [finally] meet we should go on a film-shooting walk. I’ll bring my old and battered Zenit and we’ll gonna gave a blast! More photos, please!

  • LOVE these!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂