And I’m off….

…well maybe not quite yet, I’ve still got to start AND finish packing and get all my gear together. Nothing like procrastinating! 😉

Tomorrow I am headed to sunny Arizona for the MJ 2 Day with the talented Melissa Jill and eleven other photographers from the US and Canada. I’m excited for this trip because not only is it a great experience for me to grow as a photographer, but it’s a great experience for me to grow as a person. After the workshop ends, I’m staying a couple of extra days to sightsee. While I’ve flown places by myself to meet friends and family, this will be my very first solo trip and I can’t begin to tell you how nervous-excited I am. It will be me and my camera and well….the open road. An adventure to say the least! 😀

I can’t wait to share with you how great the workshop was and what I learned, but I also can’t wait to share my experiences of solo travel.

Au revoir mes amies.

(This you’ve seen before but I didn’t want to not post a photo…from my January trip to Boston & the Winter Classic.)


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  • Neat! I hope you have an outstanding weekend at the workshop, I hope it’s terrific!


  • You are BRAVE!! Have an awesome time!!!!