AROUND THE WORLD | Vancouver – Part 2

Who would have thought, someone who had never in 28 years, been to Canada, would go there twice in less than 2 months time. First was Montreal in November (yes, I will eventually blog those photos!) and then Vancouver in December (Part 1 is here.). I can’t express enough how much fun I had on this trip. I’d go back in a heart beat.  Miss you Niki, Sean & Sherry!  Can’t wait to hang out with you all again!
Here we are on our way to Granville Island.  Not bad for being shot through the windshield of a moving car.  I had to.  It’s in French! I’m amazed at what people do to their vehicles in Vancouver, first there was the VW Bug that was in my first post and now this!
Yeah, the disappointing Flyers/Canucks game.  I seem to forget the score though. Oops. Jaime and I just had to take a photo of ourselves before the game (or after since we forgot to do it before) in our jerseys – it’s what we do! Haha!  Those “do not lean forward” railings were really, uh… different.  Quite annoying actually! Not bad for a point & shoot.  Look at all those Flyers fans!! We felt right at home.It’s not everyday I get to see a plane driving/flying on the water.  Pretty cool! Nice try!  Vancouverites(?!) should come to Philadelphia to see the REAL LOVE statue.
Oh and here’s the Pacific Ocean.  I loved seeing this.  I could probably sit for hours looking at the ocean.  It’s so relaxing!Okay now this next photo cracks me up.  The photo on the left is the “behind the scenes” on how the one on the right was shot. That’s Sean (of Sean Norman Photography) setting up his camera on a pylon, with a GRANOLA bar underneath the lens to keep it level.  Yes, folks – he IS a professional. Haha! Oh and this shot was taken outside of the airport too.  Nice work, Sean!I also got to have lunch with Sherry (of Sherry Lu Photography).  I met her last May in Philly when she was in town but we didn’t take a group shot, so that was a top priority this time!   A special thanks to the nice hostess at Joey Burrard’s for taking our picture after watching us try to figure out where to set the camera down.Well that about sums up my trip. Until next time…………….!!!


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  • Jaime

    Awww love those photos!Glad you invited me to go along with you. Vancouver was so beautiful and your friends were awesome! Yes our Flyers lost and it was ugly but it was nice to see a new arena. Like I said I swear we were meant to be Canadians!

  • 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been over a month (and a half, almost) since you and Jaime were here! CRAZINESS. (And yes, your LOVE sculpture wins by a lot ;D) We miss you already! Come back again soon!

  • Well, these made me want to go to Vancouver really really bad! What would be like to wake up in the morning in a city with the ocean and the mountains close by? I would very much want to move there. 🙂 And seeing Sean and Sherry topped that! Wonderful photos Ericha. Really reaaaaaly wonderful.

  • Awesome!! 😀 Love all the photos, especially that cityscape 2853 & the nighttime photo.. and the beaches! I didn’t get to enough beaches while I was there! Great post!

  • Awhhh, these are so inspiring. It looks amazing there and I can only imagine how much fun it must have been hanging out with everyone. You all are so darn cute. And Sean kills me with his mad camera skillz. You guys are awesome!

  • Well Vancouver (and all of us) miss you too Ericha! Come back anytime! I love these photos, especially the one of Sean setting up his camera. I bet a hearty-homemade granola bar would have done the trick! love you… blogging my photos as we speak!