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Visiting Scotland in August was nice but I’m dying to go back and explore other parts of the island in a different season… say fall. Since returning, I think I’ve started following every type of Scottish photographer and travel site on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I can’t get enough photos! Fall looked absolutely gorgeous especially with the sighting of the Northern Lights (bucket list item!) back in October!

Day 3 of my Scottish Highlands Tour took us from Inverness up to the Isle of Skye (my favorite) where I finally got to see the great Loch Ness! No Nessie sightings on this trip though! Maybe next time. Loch Ness really is a beautiful body of water… It’s 1 mile wide and 23 miles long.

After a quick stop at Loch Ness it was on to the hidden Divach Falls for a short hike and a photo op of a large waterfall! From there it was on to Fort Augustus for lunch. I saw my first canal locking system, explored the town and saw a different side of Loch Ness. Our afternoon also consisted of a stop at the beautiful Eilean Donan Castle. I just loved the moodiness of the clouds the day we visited. Unfortunately they also brought rain so our final stop in Plockton was a little less pleasant in rain and wind.

Enjoy my photos and stay tuned for Days 4 and 5 and all of London! Cheers!

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It’s always fun to catch up with my past clients. Last Sunday, I met up with the S Family for their annual photo session. We started shooting at a Christmas Tree Farm (a first for me) and then moved our session into the woods finding many great backdrops for their session. S Family, it’s always a pleasure. Enjoy your preview!

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  • Rachel

    Thanks for another year! Looking forward to seeing all the rest:) awesome job always!!!

Thank goodness we were able to switch from our regularly scheduled session (a dreary, cold, windy, rainy day filled with the remnants of Hurricane Joaquin and a Nor’ Easter) to this beautiful, warm, day filled with sunshine!

I met up with the M’s last Sunday at Peace Valley Park to take some photos of their entire family. I knew from the moment I met them that this would be a fun session, plus check out how great they all look…love their outfits!

Enjoy your preview, M Family!


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