GRACE | philadelphia baby photographer

I love Philadelphia in the fall and yesterday was the absolute picture perfect day. As I was driving down I-95 towards Center City where my early morning session was to take place, I noticed what I sometimes see driving to work – a crystal clear view of the Philadelphia skyline. It’s something that just makes my mornings whenever I see it. To me, it’s beautiful.

But anyway… yesterday, I met one of the nicest and cutest families and got to shoot in a photographers dream urban setting. It was fantastic! Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to 13-month-old Grace and her mom and dad.

Jen, Nick: Enjoy your preview!:)
For someone who just learned how to walk a short time ago, SHE IS FAST! 😉

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  • Great photos Ericha. Oh and I love fall photos too! :) Such pretty colors! :)

  • So cute :) Love the third to last photo!

  • Stop and smell the flowers, ok? :) How sweet these can be Ericha?? I am amazed. Hands up. [9339]

  • So. darn. cute. Love those cheeks! Great capture

  • Love these!

  • Ursula

    Such great pictures!!!!! She’s so sassy!

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