Philly Photog Shootout | 12.18.09

Yesterday I did something I never did before…participated in my first Photog Shootout. It was really a lot of fun…there were models to shoot and photogs to meet, learn from and network with.

Caitlin also participated and before the shoot began we went to the Mexican Post for some lunch. I played around with my camera and must say, this food shot came out really well! 😉 Guacamole dip anyone??

Okay, back to the shootout…the theme: Punk Rock Bridal.


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  • Haha, clearly this wasn’t today of you’re just LYING about all the snow. So love the extreme style of these two that’s so different! Nice, consistent work and lovely posing, E! Looks great!

  • Great shots! I would love to hear more about the shoot out! I hope there is another one soon so I can go too!

  • Great job E!!!!!!! Mmmm guac….mmmm

  • Hi, I would love some of that guacamole dip, pleeease. 😀 And wow, punk rock bridal… Nothing like I’ve ever seen before, I like the softness juxtaposed with the tough attitude though. Pretty awesome.

  • Ahhh! How cool! LOVE the skates! Adds something unique to it that I like a lot. Also loving the tattoos 🙂 🙂 Very cool.

  • Oh my gosh what a fun couple! These are fantastic!

  • Wow! These look amazing! Love 41 and 57 so so much! And those tattoos?? Holly Molly! Incredible!!

  • I just love these so much–what a great session. Love the bokeh and the urban setting. Perfect couple 🙂 Must have been a great time to shoot.

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