RITTENHOUSE SQUARE STREET PORTRAITS | philadelphia portrait photographer

Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day in the City of Brother Love, perfect for photos!

My friend Nicole (of Girl Photography) and I met up at Rittenhouse Square to try a little project that we recently saw on the blogs of Alex Beadon and Sachin Khona. Alex and Sachin got together in London’s Covent Garden to shoot street portraits. That’s right…. they just asked random people on the street if they could take their photos.

Nicole and I thought that it was a great idea and wanted to give it a try for ourselves. To both of our surprises, it was fabulous! We were both a little skeptical at first and it may have taken us a good 10-15 minutes to ask the first person but once we did, we were on a roll and met many wonderful people! It was a great personal project and definitely out of my comfort zone. We liked it so much that we want to do it again next month. Same location? Maybe…. stay tuned.

To all of our participants: THANK YOU FOR BEING SO COOL!:)If you’d like your picture, send me an email [ericha {at} erichafarrington {dot} com].

Oh and while in search for the perfect location, we came across this bicycle club or something. I first saw everyone riding past the park and soon they were all walking past us. So cool!Here’s Nicole – we had to test out or location to see if we had the right lighting.Our subjects were so friendly. The “City of Brotherly Love” rang true….

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  • What an awesome idea Ericha!!! My fave is the lady with the little dog! Did you give your card out to each person so they could check your blog? LOVE IT! Great job!

  • These are so cool! Wonderful idea you had, and gotta love the people! They are always so so lovely!! My total fav [hard job though]is no 12. Looove the smile!

  • Really loving all of these, Ericha! Great job to both you and Nicole! I know how difficult and awkward it feels at first but isn’t it great after you get the first few out of the way? I was speaking to Sachin about it – how it’s almost like an addiction!! Haha. Can’t wait to hopefully do it again some day! Keep up the fab work, and congratulations for stepping out of your comfort zone! :)

  • Ericha, I can’t say thank you enough for saying yes to me when I asked you to do the project. It was sooooo liberating, exhilarating, and thrilling. It gave me a high for the rest of the day. We definitely have to do it again soon!!!

  • you’re amazing! good for you! i saw this from alex, and think it’s amazing you had the courage to get out there! great images too! what awesome people!

  • :) These are really cool! So brave of you to approach strangers!

  • Oh my! You really are the bravest. I so admire you going out like that. This had to be an enormous amount of fun–but at the same I can imagine you must have been a little nervous. You did a fabulous job, Ericha! What was the deal with the dogs? Were they aggressive or just playing? :)

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